How it works

1 Download the Maker Mondays workbook

Download the Maker Mondays workbook - you will need this to complete the Maker Mondays challenge.

2 Print the workbook

The workbook is made up of worksheets for you to write and draw on, so you will need to print them before you can use them. If you don't have a printer at home, then you can create your own by copying each worksheet on a separate sheet of paper. 


You could also create your own Maker Monday Workbook to keep all your ideas in.

3 Follow the design thinking process

Follow the design thinking process set out in your workbook. Note: If you want to be more familiar with this before you start - the design thinking process is outlined below. You can also read in more detail about design thinking here.


Some of the best inventions and transformative ideas happening across the world today will begin with a sense of curiosity, wonder and lots of playing with ideas and using the same skills you will use to create your idea!


4 Take pictures of your worksheets

When you are finished working, scan or take pictures of both your design thinking, ideate and prototype worksheets. Make sure each photograph is a good shot - straight on and in good light so the image is clear. These images may appear in the online gallery - so you want them to look good!

5 Upload your idea to the Maker Mondays website 

You are now ready to upload your idea to the Maker Mondays website. Click the upload button at the top of the home page. Compete the form - typing up your notes from your designing thinking worksheet. Then upload the images you took or scanned of your worksheets. You can upload a picture of a model too if you have made one.

6 Check the online gallery

The Maker Monday team selects up to 20 of the best submissions for the week and includes them in the gallery. We have to limit it to 20 submission because there isn't the space on our server to upload everyone's ideas.


So if yours doesn't make it one week - don't worry - please try again. Remember we might get 100's of submissions each week, maybe 1000's! There's lots of time to practice. Every idea is a good idea.


To be included in the Maker Mondays gallery you will need to upload your idea by 10 am on the Friday the week the challenge is set